Facilities and Halls

Our school is designed to go beyond an American education and challenge each student to reach his or her potential. The BASIS International School Guangzhou school has every amenity a hungry mind needs.


There are 40 classrooms from 80 square meters to 120 square meters in size; we will fully meet the classroom teaching needs of different grades and different courses. Each classroom is personally arranged and decorated by our teachers. Students will be able to feel their teachers' passion for their subject areas in an environment that is at once comfortable, transformative, and enthusiastic.

Function Rooms & Activity Rooms

Besides classrooms, the campus has various laboratories for all subjects, plus a dance studio, fitness room, table tennis room, billiards room, science and technology activities room. Our school contains cutting-edge equipment within all of its first-class facilities and fully meets the diverse needs of international schools.

Outdoor Track & Multi-Purpose Room

Our school building is surrounded by a small paved high-quality track, comprised of environmentally friendly materials. The multi-purpose room is connected to the south side classrooms on the first floor of the educational building, and its area of 400 square meters with the height of about 8m, can be used as a gymnasium, meeting hall and even as combined classrooms.


Our school has three full-time librarians, and a library space that will serve as an important center of thought and study for our students. New books will be purchased each semester, appropriate for each grade we serve. We encourage children to read a lot; we offer free access to the library during the extra-curricular activities and students can choose their favorite books to check out and read.


Our cafeteria area is able to supply healthy meals for 450 students with clean, bright, and spacious dining environment.


Our kindergarten classrooms are built within warm and cozy spaces. Our youngest students will enjoy how creatively it is set up, with colorful decor, and allusions to fairy tales, important lessons and productive learning.

Boarding Facility

Our aim for our boarders is the same as those for all our students.

It is:
1) To provide a happy, caring and disciplined environment in which boys and girls, from around the world and from a diversity of backgrounds, can grow and mature and to offer students high standards of pastoral care,
2) To encourage students to view the school as an extended family, in which they can learn the value of living in a community and develop the skills for doing so,
3) To challenge students to fulfil their academic potential,
4) To foster a love of learning and to give students a sense of joy in their own achievements and in those of others,
5) To encourage the development of each student's character, talents, independence and sense of responsibility by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities for leadership.

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